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Services and software can provide Amazon with information about your usage and the performance of services and software, as well as the devices on which you download and use the services and software. We may use certain information about the use of music content, such as postcode and listening history, to music content providers, including record companies. We provide this information in a way that is not identifiable to you. This is an agreement between you and the organization that provides you with Amazon Music, which can be services LLC,, Inc., Amazon Digital UK Ltd., Amazon Digital Germany GmbH, Sales, Inc., Amazon Seller Services Private Limited; Amazon Australia Services Inc., Servicios Comerciales Amazon México, S.L. de C.V., Amazon Serviéos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda. or one of their related companies (“Amazon,” “us” or “us”). This agreement regulates your use of personalized services available on your site (Unlimited, Prime Music, Amazon Music (free with ads) and the store, the “services”). Visit Amazon Music Service Provider information and applicable conditions and policies to identify the Amazon partner that provides you with services and other applicable conditions based on your location.

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