Continued Service Agreement Expiration Date

8 We recommend that the superior of the employee`s first line also sign the CSA. Agencies have the option to include additional signatures in the form, for example. B a second-tier supervisor, a human resources manager, a training manager or the Chief Human Capital Officer. Q. How is the CSA`s commitment set? a. Section 41 08 (a) (l) of Title 5, United States Code, stipulates that the continuation of operation after the completion of the training is at least three times longer than the duration of the training. For example, if the course were 120 hours, the continuation of the mandatory operation would be at least 360 hours (120 hours out of 3). Three times the duration of the training is the minimum. Agencies have the option of increasing the time required for the service beyond the minimum.

6 Q. For which programs/courses can an agency ask a staff member to sign a CSA? one. An agency may require an employee to sign a CSA for all government-funded courses. Agencies should develop strategies to identify the types of training submitted to a CSA. Training announcements and course descriptions should list CSA requirements to ensure that staff are aware of them. Here are some examples of training/course programs, most often submitted to a CSA: Internal and External Leadership Development Programs SES Nomination Development Programs 2 Certification or Certification Programs Training, which lasts more than one week Conferences Other courses deemed appropriate by an agency, Q. USA OFFICE OF PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Washington, DC 20415 Strategic Human Resources Policy SEP 4 2009 Division MEMORANDUM FOR HUMANOL RESJ,CES-DIRECTOR FROM: N`<In`<In`ICHAK ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY Subject: Fact Sheet on Continuing Service Agreements Training resources in the Federal Government have typically been limited. Leaders continue to do everything in their power to achieve a culture of continuous learning with limited resources, so it is extremely important that agencies protect their investments in people.

The Government Employees Training Act (GETA), codified at 5,4108, gives agency heads the power to define the requirements for continuing education agreements (CSAs) for training.)) 2 The law requires that the worker must agree in writing, prior to training, to work at least three times longer in the federal government. If the worker voluntarily leaves the federal government before the agreed period of service expires, the Agency has the right to recover the payment.