Vbof Agreement Blocked

For each agreement listed, we receive general information on validity, status and a quick overview of customization settings for the type of contract. I checked the discount agreement of modification protocol modification, the billing change minutes, noted some strange points in S060: In general, this discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a preset period and will be offset by credits at the end of the year. Limits are usually calculated at regular (monthly) intervals for the amount that must be refunded to the customer. The figure below shows a typical discount scenario in which the discount is applicable when the cumulative value of the turnover is greater than 50,000. At the end of the fourth month, the discount for 2000 (52,000-50,000) was calculated and was considered a reference period for that month. The total discount for the year was calculated at 3040. On-the-fly calculation for demarcations and discounts This is an integral part of billing management. The packaging contract records all information about an agreement, for example. B owner. B, legitimate partner and contractual terms. There is a complete list of packaging contracts that can be selected from different options to meet your business needs.

Reverse limits: When we check this field, the “Cancelled Demarcation” box is automatically displayed in the discount agreement with the amount of the discount paid to the debitor. It is always a proven method to check this field. VBOF run should only update the “modified” portion of the value in the S060 input, so from this point of view, we could say that the VBOF race itself is pretty good. Since the only change to the discount agreement is the year-end rate, the change in the value of EUR 18 concerned has been well updated in S060. But no one is blocked this proof/just appropriate Customizing exercise unit setting for S060 was correct at first, customers established a discount agreement with the 5% limit rate, several invoices were generated, S060 was properly updated. Subsequently, the client made a dangerous change to the S060 period from M to D. At that time, all the data was booted into S060!! Then, due to commercial needs, there was an amendment with a discount agreement: the demarcation rate was changed from 5 to 8%, and then a VBOF race is required to establish all the accounts before this rate change is updated. The system calculated the change in value and found that the demarcation value had to be increased by EUR 18, so this update of EUR 18 in the RUWRT field of S060, since all the fields of S060 are now at the beginning, we could only find that ruwrt is updated with this EUR 18 after the VBOF race. Finally, if we show the volume of sales of VBO3, the system only reads the data of S060 -> shows an erroneous sales volume. Changing the exercise unit for S060 would have the effect of initializing the data in S060.

Subsequently, if you run VBOF to update these invoices after adjusting the demarcation rate in the delivery contract, the system calculates the value changes caused by the change in the agreement and updates the “modified” portion to S060 lines. When the user puts the flap chord in VBOF and works, the system gives error that blocks the 34517 chord. This problem occurs when they run the list of (about 50 agreements) and.