United Airlines Agreement With Pilots

“We`ve been working for months on creative solutions to mitigate mass driver layoffs,” Insler said. “Now that this agreement is consolidated, we will again focus on Congress to secure an urgent extension of the CARES Act, to keep our industry solvent until we recover from this pandemic.” If members agree to the terms, the airline will not fire pilots by June 2021. It then happens that United, American and a few small airlines are preparing to lay off thousands of workers on Thursday, when $25 billion in federal aid to the pandemic and a resulting Furloughs ban expire. Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world`s largest pilots` union and represents more than 63,000 pilots with 35 U.S. and Canadian airlines, including the 13,000 United Airlines pilots. Visit the United ALPA website on alpa.org/ual or follow us on Twitter @UnitedPilots. The Air Line Pilots Association informed members of the agreement which is expected to be ratified by the pilots. CHICAGO (Reuters) – A preliminary agreement between United Airlines UAL. O and the union that represents its pilots would split the airline`s flight plan among more pilots to avoid Furloughs, two people familiar with the matter said Wednesday. CHICAGO (AP) — United Airlines` pilots` union said Wednesday it has reached an agreement with the airline to prevent the firing of nearly 3,000 pilots if a federal ban on job cuts ends Oct. 1.

Representatives of the airline said Monday that the deal would reduce involuntary job cuts to less than 12,000 if Congress did not give more aid to airlines before Thursday`s deadline. The company sent dismissal warnings to 36,000 employees in July. Many U.S. airlines and their unions are urging lawmakers to extend the payroll support program to give airlines more time to recover. But a CARES 2 bill seems less and less likely. “Hundreds of thousands of airline workers need the CARES Act extension, but with pilots only a few weeks away, we look forward to doing so,” says Insler. Smith said, “United Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association managed to negotiate a deal that prevented many planes from staying on the ground.” United Airlines and ALPA have reached an agreement to avoid pilot expulsions until June 2021,” Smith said. “The pilots ratified an agreement that divided reduced monthly salary guarantees into three groups: senior, middle & junior. The pay rates have remained the same, but it is now a part-time cockpit position for junior [United] pilots. This is a significant departure from past practices of fighting in a reverse senior, so it`s clear that management and union leaders believe that the retirement of executive pilots and a rapid recovery from the collapse in demand due to the pandemic could help quickly reverse the trend. Smith added, “Delta and ALPA are still discussing a similar mitigation plan to United, while crew members from American and Allegiant have fired crew members.” Other airlines are trying to negotiate similar deals….